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Check out what some of my clients have to say about their training with me!!

Testimonial 1

"I met Bianca in March 2011. I knew after the free consultation that this was going to be my trainer for a while! She was so motivating and positive and she really pays attention to every aspect of your body that you want to work on. She is extremely helpful in offering you at home tips and the ideal meals that you should be eating to get your body how you want. I was looking for an extra push and someone to help me get the body that I have been trying to achieve for a few years! I've worked out at most of the popular fitness clubs and have even considered their personal trainers on numerous occasions only to be disappointed by the price, lack of time, and lack of interest they show in your personal workout. Bianca is very precise and never judgmental and she will help you achieve all of your goals. If you happen to fall off the banwagon, she gently pushes back on and works you out even harder. She's the best and I feel so blessed to have found her!"



Bianca is the "Never Say You Can't" Lady

Testimonial 2

"I have been working out with Bianca since March of 2010 and absolutely love the results. I had fallen off the workout wagon but Bianca encouraged me to get back on. I look forward to her coming each session and know that I will be closer to obtaining my weight loss goals after she has left. I've gotten leaner, stronger and have really grown in confidence since we started. Thanks for all you've done."





Testimonial 3

"I'm 55 years old and have been working with Bianca (coach as my husband and I call her) since the end of January. I absolutely love working with her (even through the pain). I'm just so excited about the clothes I've been able to wear that I could not get in , the changes in my body and my overall fitness. Bianca is so motivating and keeps you focused on your goals. Working with her is the best thing I've done for myself and my health. I encourage you to give her a try. You will not regret it. I know I don't. I talk about her all the time and I can hear her voice encouraging me even when she is not around. She truly works every ounce of my body and not one minute spent with her is wasted. Bianca is truly a blessing to me and my husband. I'm going to be FINE!!!"




Loretta Phillips

The Best Thing I've Done for myself & my health

Testimonial 4

"I have been with 3 trainers in the past couple of years and hands down Bianca is the best!! Her workouts are fun and difficult. With her you know you are getting a quality workout and will go home satisfied. I have learned so many different techniques and her attention to form and safety is greatly appreciated. I will never leave Bianca even after I have achieved my fitness goals. She knows how to keep you motivated."


Punam Patel

Balance Exercise

 Exercise Of The Day

X body chops

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