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Fitness & Session Packages

Private Personal Training For: Women, Buddy (partners)

Mobile Training For: Small & Large Groups


Two People Training
Personal Training: In studio only
SINGLE RATE$45 - 40 Min Session
Virtual Training: (ZOOM, GOOGLE HANGOUTS, SKYPE, FACEBOOK MESSENGER, DUO) - Check prices on the Special Training Page

FITNESS PACKAGES & SESSION PACKAGES: Payment for ALL packages and sessions must be paid in full before training can start. Thank you!

One -on- One Training (Training will be 2 - 4 x a week)40 mins


1-1 Sessions:  8 Sessions  -  $250

1-1 Sessions: 10 Sessions -  $280               

1-1 Sessions: 12 Sessions -  $310              

1-1 Sessions: 15 Sessions -  $350

1-1 Sessions: 20 Sessions -  $400 (Training 3- 4 x a week) 

Kettle Bells
Partner Training (Training 2 - 4 x a week)40 mins - In studio


 8  Sessions - $140 per person

10 Sessions - $170 per person

12 Sessions - $200 per person

15 Sessions - $240 per person

20 Sessions - $290 per person (Training 3 - 4 x a week)

Group Working Out
Group Training (Training 2x a week)40 mins "MOBILE TRAINING"
10 Sessions (5 weeks) 
Min of people "Henry and Clayton County" "Min of 4 for ALL other
locations" "Must have OWN EQUIPMENT" (hand weights, mat) 
$100 per person/month+$5 per person a week ( Gas mileage ) Depending on location)


ALL Referrals FREE Session!!


10% Discount for ALL MILITARY (retired, active)


10% Discount for ALL TEACHERS

Discount and specials on select holidays!


Birthdays FREE Session!! 

Please Note: For ALL training, full payment is do before training. Thank you!


Forms of payment excepted: Checks, Cash, All major credit cards, Google, Apple and Samsung pay and Cash app

FREE 30 min consultation & tryout session. For In-person Training

FREE 30 min virtual fitness tryout session. For Online Training

Balance Exercise

When you focus on problems you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities. 

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