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My name is Bianca - I am a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR and LIFESTYLE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT COACH. I have been in the fitness field for more than 10 yrs, providing

fitness training for woman, couples, small and large groups. I offer fun and challenging workouts with various types of training styles for all fitness levels. So what ever your fitness level may be, I am sure I can train you too!

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I am a 33 yrs old single mother of four and was not feeling to good about myself but with the help of such a strong beautiful trainer (inside and out) I have come so far and changed for the better. She is more to me than my trainer...I tell her all the time she is my psychologist, motivator, and friend. Bianca has a way of being hard on you and not letting you quit without all the yelling. She has changed my body and mind. I am very happy with my appearance and I get compliments on a daily basis. I started not being able to complete many exercises without needing a break but now I can do more than I ever thought I could, Bianca makes sure I am doing my cardio and her meal plans are awesome. If your looking for a trainer that is going to push you and also care enough to tell you when are doing exercises right and wrong than Bianca is the trainer for you. I love and respect her for all that she does. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about their health and fitness. 



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